A La Carte (9/17)

Too Tough on the Guys Who Are Trying – I appreciate Josh Harris’ mea culpa here. “I got some great feedback from a young man in our church after two of my recent sermons from Matthew 5, both of which touched on aspects of marriage (the messages were “Jesus on Lust” and “Don’t Break Your Marriage or Your Word.”) In his mid-twenties, he kindly expressed appreciation for both messages and then went on to voice concern about how I challenged single men…”

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Telling a Spouse About Sexual Sin – This is an important and very real issue for many couples–what should you tell your spouse about your sexual sin? There are some brief thoughts here with more to come.

Crutch WordsThe Atlantic has an article about “crutch words” like “if you will” and “and so on and so forth.” They’re all bad, apparently.

Amazing Facts – You’ll need to screen out some of the evolutionary timelines here, but the facts are plenty impressive.

Preach the Word – Here are some truths about preaching that you won’t be taught in seminary. Kind of. “In this blog post, I’d like to share a little of what I’ve learned along the way. But first, I want to provide a caveat to my title. The caveat is that you have heard most of what you’ll read below, but the real issue is have you paid attention to what you’ve heard?”

Americans Are Confused – “A new study finds that the typical American believes the United States is far more religiously diverse than it actually is, overestimating the number of Mormons and Muslims and underestimating the number of Protestants.”

Next to faith this is the highest art–to be content with the calling in which God has placed you. –Martin Luther