A La Carte (9/2)

Updated NIV in 2011
Everyone’s talking about it. “Biblica, the Committee on Bible Translation and evangelical publisher Zondervan jointly announced the newest New International Version Bible — and acknowledged they were still singed by the fire and brimstone cast down on earlier update efforts.” In other words, the TNIV will disappear and will be replaced by a new revision of the NIV. Check out CBMW for reactions by Randy Stinson, Al Mohler and Ligon Duncan.

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Media Ignoring Conservative Dominance
This article shows how the media is ignoring the obvious conservative dominance of the New York Times list of bestsellers. “The left is reeling from this regression to the pre-Bush days, which also saw conservative dominance of the bestsellers lists. From 1991 to 2001, there were eight overtly conservative books that topped the NYT list, while only two liberal authors, Al Franken and Hillary Clinton, managed to publish number-one bestsellers.”

Quitting Social Media
Owen Strachan looks at an article in the Times which tells about how and why people are quitting Facebook and other social media.

Deal of the Day: Free Audio Bible
This month’s free download from ChristianAudio is GOD’S WORD Heard! New Testament audio bible. I am not familiar with the translation so cannot vouch for its accuracy (or lack thereof).