A La Carte (9/8)

President Obama’s Speech
Dr. Mohler comes through with a very level-headed explanation of why there is so much controversy surrounding President Obama’s speech to the students of America (and why people should stop worrying about it).

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Fan Feels Uplifted After Fall
Here’s a feel-good story from the world of baseball: “He lay on his back in the dirt of the Pittsburgh ballpark. His neck hurt. Striking his face on the crushed rock along the first-base side felt like breaking through glass. He was bloodied. And the foul ball was gone. He had missed it, missed his one chance to grab a game ball for his son on the boy’s 21st birthday…”

What’s His is Her’s
The Tribune has an article about Christian couples who, in an effort to not keep secrets from one another, share an email account.

Fixed NIV fixed by fixers with a New new NIV
I appreciated Gordon Cheng’s concern about the New New NIV. “Secondly, and more to the issue at hand, if the Bible translation you had produced was as accurate and as to the mark as originally claimed, why in God’s name would you bow to popular pressure within less than a decade of announcing your work to the sound of glory and trumpets, and go off and fix the bits you had already fixed? Especially if the fixes you had brought in to fix had fixed the problem that you had thought was there in the first place. If you take my meaning.”