A La Carte (April 1)

Good morning! The Lord be with you today.

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There’s a substantial list of Kindle deals to look at as we begin a new month.

(Yesterday on the blog: 10 New and Notable Christian Books for March 2021)

American Culture Is Broken. Is Theonomy the Answer?

We seem to be seeing a bit of a resurgence in Theonomy. In this article Andrew T. Walker explains what it is and expresses his concerns with it. “In sum, the error of Theonomy is that its hermeneutic stretches beyond the Bible’s understanding of its own authority. From this mistaken hermeneutic comes serious distortions, with drastic consequences for the church’s role in fallen political orders.”

Dear Twitter, I’m Leaving You for My Wife

Benjamin Vrbicek explains why he’s ditching Twitter. His reasons are much the same as mine. “It’s not that I don’t care about Beth Moore and the like, but I am a pastor of a church with plenty of our own problems, and all of our church problems I care about far more than the problems I didn’t start and I can’t fix. Indeed, one day I will be held accountable to God, not for whether I engaged in the latest Twitter storm, but whether I loved the sheep of my flock.”

The Local Church and the Missionary

Here’s an interesting thought: “The relationship between the local church in the West and the missionary sent to a far-off land has always been unique. In one respect, the roles in this relationship may soon be reversed.”

How Could The Israelites Know What Scripture Taught? (Video)

Have you ever asked this question or one like it? William Ross provides a compelling answer in this video from RTS.

The Great Leadership Challenge of 2021

What will be the great leadership challenge of a post-pandemic world? Writing from his British context, Andrew Wilson suggests it will be related to risk and not constantly erring on the side of caution.

A 3D Tour of the Temple of Solomon and Herod’s Temple in the Time of Jesus

Justin Taylor has highlighted some videos that will give you a glimpse of the Temple of Solomon as well as Herod’s Temple.

Character Matters

It sure does! “It’s possible to become a well-known speaker and author and to lack basic qualities like patience, kindness, gentleness, and self-control, but you can’t claim to be a mature believer without these qualities.”

Flashback: 10 Church Members God Especially Calls Me To Love

Rather than seeing them as people who drive me crazy, I have preferred to see them as people I’m particularly called to love—people who stretch and grow my ability to love.

We are called to repent of the original sin that distorts us, the actual sin that distracts us, and the indwelling sin that manipulates us. This is a high and hard calling. —Rosaria Butterfield