A La Carte (April 15)

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What is Impassibility?

It’s a word you should know! “The doctrine of Divine Impassibility is an ancient Christian belief, confessed throughout the long history of the Church, and yet often misunderstood or rejected today. It reflects classical Christian theism, and its import is well-known by theologians and has been fixed for centuries. It is deeply rooted in the Christian tradition and confessed by every major English Protestant church…”

When You’re Sharing Jesus as an Outsider

Amy shares lessons from overseas that are relevant at home, too. “Since America’s inception, Christians didn’t need to worry about this. Cross-cultural missions was out there–not right here. Okay, so maybe they thought about it when it came to first-generation immigrants. Maybe a church would offer a seminar on ‘How to Reach Your Muslim Neighbor’.” But times have changed.

Artificial Intelligence: An Evangelical Statement of Principles

It’s good to see Christians thinking proactively about such things. ERLC has put together a statement of principles regarding AI. It’s worth reading the principles and this reflection on them.

How the Lord’s Supper Reminds Me of the Lord’s Grip

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this one. “Religious routines absent intimacy with God rot our souls, but the faithful practice of corporate worship fueled by God’s Spirit produces enduring joy. Even on the days we don’t feel like it, we show up for worship. Even when we’ve lost our song, we sing through the tears. Even when our kids would rather do something else, we lead the way back into the community of faith. Even when the Devil accuses us, we reject isolation and unite with other believers to declare with our voices what we doubt with our heart. Even when our minds wander, we open our Bible, listen to another sermon, and take note of God’s Word to us.”

Sexular Colonialism

This is a very interesting reflection on the reality that even while ideologues may not be colonizing land as they once did, they are colonizing in a different way. “If my male, pale and stale heart could be warmed, it would be so by the growing realisation that the baton of colonialism, long the historic burden of the conservative, Christianised West, can now been handed to the woke Left in our culture.”

Can an App Improve Your Marriage?

I guess it depends who you ask, but the bigger point is that apps can rarely take the place of expertise and real-world engagement. “Dziedzic believes it’s possible to program your way to a better relationship. A growing number of Americans seem to agree. Lasting has attracted 750,000 users since it launched in the spring of 2017. About 2,000 people download the app every day.”

The Weaponization of Fellowship: or Contra Secondary Separation

Dan DeWitt on second-degree separation: “While I can conceive of a situation where second-degree-separation might be necessary, nearly all of the times I’ve heard of others doing this it is about non-essential issues. When that’s the case, it comes off as a self-serving, self-protecting, public relations stunt.”

Flashback: Proudly Humble

We swell with pride when we hear, “He is humble.” It is a tricky thing, the human heart—prone to deceive both ourselves and others.

The most important exhortation in complementarianism is not for women to sit down, but for men to stand up. —Kevin DeYoung