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A La Carte (April 20)


I thought I’d begin by reminding you that today, right now, at this very moment, God is on his throne.

There is just a handful of Kindle deals today.

(Yesterday on the blog: Each Gift Has Its Place)

Don’t Underestimate the Value of Rest

It’s a good reminder, this. “We burn out quickly if we push too hard. Once we start catching our stride — feeling youthful and strong — the temptation to push harder and gain ground is always enticing. Don’t fall into the mindset that downtime is wasted time. It is not. You will go further faster if you slow down and rest.”

Praying for the Weary Pastor

Lisa LaGeorge offers a compassionate prayer for the weary pastor.

Getty Music

Getty Music has been adding lots of new material to their YouTube channel. You can visit this playlist and scroll down for the latest tracks.

What’s Certain in the Year Ahead? The Church.

2020 shook up very nearly everything. But, as always, the church endured. As Jen Oshman says, “People say the only certain things in life are death and taxes. But there’s one more. There’s one certainty we can count on, come what may, in the days, years, and millennia ahead. It’s been around for over 2,000 years and it hasn’t waned yet. It’s the church.”

Four Defining Moments for Young Marriages

Dave Harvey lists some of the defining moments for young marriages. “God sprinkles the newlywed years with these moments — experiences, events, or decisions that determine (and sometimes alter) a young couple’s direction.”

How Can Christians Grieve Over Their Sin Without Denying God’s Grace? (Video)

Here is Derek Thomas’s gospel-focused answer from a Ligonier event.

35 Reasons Not To Sin

This ought to convince you…

Flashback: Rule #7: Fellowship with Godly People (8 Rules for Growing in Godliness)

…whoever longs to be godly must walk with the godly, for God has decreed that godliness will not be attained in isolation, but in community.

…we think of holiness as giving up the pleasures of sin for some worthy but drab life. But holiness means recognizing that the pleasures of sin are empty and temporary, while God is inviting us to magnificent, true, full, and rich pleasures that last forever.

—Tim Chester

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