A La Carte (April 20)

May the Lord be with you and bless you today.

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Learning From Those Who Pray All Night

“To be a Christian in Tanzania is to attend all-night prayer vigils. Some churches hold them every weekend. For others, it’s once a quarter. It’s such a part of church culture that the church leaders at our Bible school expressed shock when they heard that American evangelical churches generally don’t practice this.”

Weary One, Take Heart

Christa considers how to respond in those times when we are weary and hurt.

The Awkward Duty of Encouragement: How Men Strengthen Other Men

Mack Stiles writes about the importance of men encouraging men. “Why go out of my way when it’s easier just to stay quiet? Besides, most guys seem to be doing fine anyway, right? Encouragement, however, is not just a good idea, but a biblical command — yes, even for men.”

I don’t hate my sin like I know Jesus calls me to

Neither do I. And probably neither do you.

How To Quit The Comparison Game

Seth Lewis: “The piled-up fortunes of earth eventually become piled-up inheritances for others. Fame is forgotten. Pleasures fade. Getting ahead of others can only last so long, and it can never give you lasting significance, real meaning, unshakable joy, or anything else it promises so freely like an ever-shifting, just-out-of reach mirage.”

Died: Charles Stanley, In Touch Preacher Who Led with Stubborn Faith

There was a stretch in which the preaching of Charles Stanley played a key role in my spiritual growth, and for that I will always be grateful.

Flashback: Fellowship with Godly People

Whoever longs to be godly must walk with the godly, for God has decreed that godliness will not be attained in isolation, but in community.

Every preacher who does not make prayer a mighty factor in his own life and ministry is weak as a factor in God’s work and is powerless to project God’s cause in this world. —E.M. Bounds