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A La Carte (April 21)


The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you today.

New at Westminster Books this week is a sale on a book from Kevin DeYoung meant for younger people.

There’s an eclectic little mix of Kindle deals today.

Four Common (and Unhelpful) Responses to the Exclusivity of Christ

“The most offensive part of the gospel, and the most common objection to Christianity proper, is the idea that there is only one way to God: Jesus. It’s offensive because it seems arrogant, bigoted, and narrow-minded. The claim is often met with one of four common and unhelpful responses. They might sound legitimate, but they aren’t. Here’s why.”

Truth in a Culture of Noise

“We are a people clamoring to be heard, but when the flood of voices drowns their own, many people will raise their pitch and resort to all kinds of hyperbole to gain an audience. Even journalists have degraded their profession by using misleading headlines to coax us into clicking their links. From politicians to personal trainers, it seems few are immune.” So true…


“We had never prayed so much before,” shared Lyena, a Ukrainian woman whose home was destroyed in the war. “I had never read the Psalms so thoughtfully before. It was the encouragement that brought tears of gratitude and joy. I realized that only when you walk through the valley of mortal darkness, you learn to completely trust God, and then you are not afraid, because the Lord is with you.” (Sponsored Link)

Truthful Witness and the Transgender Debate

Trevin Wax compares two different ways Christians can respond to the contemporary transgender debate. “We may wish to change the subject, but what’s the point in discussing the failures of the church to women in the past if we’re unable to even define what a woman is in the present? And as much as we might yearn for constructive dialogue about these matters, it should be clear by now that gender activists aren’t looking for conversation. Their goal is conquest…”

Radical Christian Gentleness in an Era of Addictive Outrage

George Marsden is eager for Christians to recover some of the wisdom of Jonathan Edwards. “In a striking, but too often neglected, passage in Religious Affections, Edwards insists an essential trait of any true Christian is ‘the lamblike, dovelike spirit and temper of Jesus Christ.’ He presents this point as nothing less than a fundamental of the faith.”

Hey Remember: There are Christian Schools and there are “Christian” Schools

Whether in Australia or elsewhere, it’s important to distinguish between Christian schools and “Christian” schools.

Raw Passion and Messy Missiology: A Tribute to George Verwer (1938–2023)

“One of my heroes died on April 14, 2023. His personal and global influence was inestimable.” John Piper pays tribute to George Verwer.

Flashback: One Very Good Reason to Study Church History

You have become a citizen of something with a present and a future, but also a past. And your ability to glorify God in the present and future requires knowing that past.

Hell is needed, awful, close, and deserved by every one of us. But there is a way to avoid going there.

—Dane Ortlund

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    The Night Is Far Gone

    There are few things in life more shameful than sleeping when you ought to be working, or slacking off when you ought to be diligent. When your calling is to be active, it is inappropriate and even sinful to remain passive. This is especially true when it comes to contexts that are of the highest…

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  • Exactly the Purpose God Intended

    Exactly the Purpose God Intended

    General revelation serves exactly the purpose God intended for it—it reveals his power and divine nature. But, its message, while important, is insufficient—insufficient by design. Though general revelation tells us about the existence of God, it does not tell us about how to be reconciled to God.

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    Weekend A La Carte (April 13)

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  • Free Stuff Fridays (Moody Publishers)

    This giveaway is sponsored by Moody Publishers, who also sponsored the blog last week with Overflowing Mercies. Attention all Bible scholars, believers in the power of faith, and lovers of the Word! Learn about God’s divine mercy and compassion with our exclusive Bible Study Giveaway. Win the ultimate bible study library including Overflowing Mercies by…

  • How Should We Then Die

    How Should We Then Die?

    Euthanasia makes a lot of sense. At least in our culture at this time, it makes intuitive sense that those who are ill without hope for a cure or those who are in pain without likelihood of relief ought to be able to choose to end their own lives. Our culture assumes there are few…