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A La Carte (April 30)


May the Lord bless you and keep you today.

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I dug up just a couple Kindle deals.

Identity Politics, Opium of the People

Carl Trueman begins a very interesting article this way: “Identity politics is the new religion of the United States.” He ends up considering why identity politics is so attractive. “We should beware of reducing the whole of identity politics to the self-serving ressentiment of those who want a turn in the limelight. Surely it is more. For many it is the expression of real suffering and a protest against real suffering.”

Alistair Begg: ‘Welcome to Exile. It’s Going to Be OK.’

Here’s Alistair Begg on living in this world at this time. “This world is not actually our home. We’re not supposed to settle down here. We’re not supposed to expect the church to be large, influential, and respected.”

Mark Dever On Why You Should Attend The Radius Missiology Conference (JUNE 23-24TH)*LIVE*

“Jesus called us to make disciples, not to plant churches”. Is this an accurate understanding of the Great Commission or is there something more to consider? Come hear Mark Dever speak on this topic, and listen to this 35 second clip on why he’s teaching at RMC21. (Sponsored Link)

Where Lies Love’s Greatest Desire?

“You’ll have a thousand opportunities today to give. You can give your time, your attention, your focus, your body, your wisdom, your worship…”

How Have You Processed the Sin of Ravi Zacharias?

John Piper was asked how he has processed the fall of Ravi Zacharias and replies in an episode of Ask Pastor John. “Well, let me begin with a word about why I would be so slow to speak. One of the reasons is wanting to know everything I should know, and the other is that I just cannot imagine the sorrow that family members and very close associates must feel. And for people to publicly assess and criticize a husband, a father, a very long-term friend must be horrible. And so now I’m going to be a part of that.”

Pastor Abuse

While acknowledging that many pastors have behaved in abusive ways, Nick Batzig writes about the abuse of (rather than abuse by) pastors. “Excoriating pastors for being abusive seems to have become par for the course these days. Much of this is in reaction to a failure on the part of churches to hold their leaders accountable.”

If You Don’t Have the Energy to Manifest Anything

This is what Anne Kennedy does so well.

Flashback: Why We Cringe at “Submit”

Why do I feel that little bit of rebellion or shame when I hear the word “submit?” I think it’s proof that we as Christians are constantly battling worldliness.

God has a very special place for mothers in His created order. They are among His most sacred and beautiful gifts to humanity.

—Alistair Begg

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