A La Carte (April 5)

We are spoiled for choice when it comes to Kindle deals, as there’s yet another good list today.

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When Physical Intimacy is Hard

“The world tells us that to attain sexual fulfillment we need to have varied and numerous sexual experiences. Instead, we need to recognize that God created and gifted us with sex for enjoyment and procreation in the context of marriage between one man and one woman. The Bible never promises sexual fulfillment and God doesn’t guarantee us complete sexual satisfaction. Sex can’t satisfy our souls, and even marital sex can’t fully satisfy our broken sexual desires.”

Have We Lost Our Africanness? (Video)

Ken Mbugua tackles some important questions for Christians in Africa—and faces up to some basic truths.

Around the World in 105 Cows

This is strange but charming (and offers some great photos).

Growing Teenage Depression Calls for Response from the Church

Facts & Trends reports on a concerning trend. “With ‘pump-it-up’ worship music and constant smiling faces, it’s an issue that can sometimes feel ignored or unimportant in some churches, says Nashville-area youth pastor Josh Hussung. But it’s an issue that, today more than ever, teenagers are concerned about. It the issue of anxiety and depression.”

5 Mistakes to Avoid in Ministering to the Sexually Abused

There is some wise and experienced counsel here. “Ministering to men and women who are victims of sexual abuse can be tricky; there are several common mistakes that people in the Church make. By being aware of these pitfalls, you can be better prepared the next time an incident arises within your church.”

Why Google+ Failed

Here’s a look at why Google+ failed (posted to coincide with the day it is shut down for good, to the surprise and regret of none who used it).

The Last Survivor of the Last Ever Slave Ship

The National Post reports: “She was captured at about the age of 12 in West Africa and forced aboard the Clotilda, the last slave vessel to arrive in the United States in 1860.”

Flashback: Watch for Temptation

One of the means God uses to conform us to the image of Jesus Christ is temptation. Though we must never seek or desire it, still we have the confidence that God redeems the crucible of temptation to refine his people, to remove their sin, and to instill his righteousness within them.

Memorizing Scripture strengthens your faith because it repeatedly reinforces the truth, often just when you need to hear it again. —Donald Whitney