A La Carte (April 6)

The Lord be with you and the Lord bless you today.

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Today’s Kindle deals includes a one-day sale on Scott David Allen’s excellent Why Social Justice Is Not Biblical Justice.

(Yesterday on the blog: Why Should We Remember what God Forgets?)

A Typesetting God

This is just a really neat story.

Jesus and John Wayne: A Fair Portrait of Evangelicalism?

Anne Kennedy has written a thorough review of a popular new book by Kristin Kobes Du Mez: Jesus and John Wayne: How White Evangelicals Corrupted a Faith and Fractured a Nation.

Social Justice: Breakup or Breakthrough?

Thaddeus Williams: “Have you ever felt like many Christian churches today don’t care about justice the way they should, like they’re on the ‘wrong side of history’? Maybe you’ve even felt like that has become a dealbreaker for you, that your passion for a more just world could be more deeply gratified if you simply cut ties with the church, with all of its baggage and blind spots? If you’ve been burned by hypocrisy in the church or love someone who has, then perhaps that impulse to bail has grown irresistible.”

Work Out Your Own Salvation With Fear And Trembling (Video)

Robert Godfrey explains what this text does and doesn’t mean.

Pastors Must Be Well Thought of By Outsiders

The trouble, I’m convinced, is that many pastors are not thought of by outsiders at all! Yet, as Jared Wilson says here, they must be thought well of.

Leave the New Atheists alone on their Holy days

There’s a lot of snark in this one from Stephen Kneale, but he makes a very important point along the way. “Just as I don’t think it is very helpful to take side swipes at Orthodox Jews during Yom Kippur nor Sikhs during Baisakhi, so too it is unkind to have a go at fundamentalist Atheists during their high holidays. Which is why I think it best to leave them alone at Christmas and Easter – their most sacred time of year for trolling Christians on twitter – and save whatever questions we may have about their religion for another time, when they’re not focusing on the core tenets of their faith.”

Flashback: Why Medical Missions Is So Effective

Though God can work any way He pleases to open doors, our experience has been that He uses the medical card repeatedly to trump the best efforts of the evil one as he seeks to hinder the ministry of God’s word.

If Jesus Christ didn’t abandon you in his darkness, the ultimate darkness, why would he abandon you now, in yours? —Tim Keller