A La Carte (April 9)

There isn’t much to tell you about Kindle deals or other sales today, so we will just move on to the links (though, to be fair, there are a couple of really good kids’ books on the Kindle list).

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(Yesterday on the blog: Why Our Church Is Only Sort Of Streaming Our Services)

Face to Face

Matthew Hosier asks, “How much are we going to come to regret the phrase ‘social distancing’?” It’s amazing to me how quickly we adapted to the idea of walking wide circles around one another, and wonder what it will take to go back to the old way.

Do We Really Want to Go Back to Normal?

In a somewhat similar vein, Trevin Wax is asking about the new normal. “But the truth is, whatever will become “normal” on the other side of the coronavirus crisis will not be the old normal. It will be something new. We are not going back. So here’s the question I hope we will begin to ask instead: Do we really want to go back to normal? Was the old normal good? Were we really flourishing in the old normal? Was the old normal spiritually healthy?” (See also: Will the Post-virus World Really Be All That New?)

How the US’ Hospital Ships Work (Video)

You’ve no doubt heard of America’s hospital ships. Here’s a video about why they exist and how they work.

A Few Churches Are Defying Bans on Large Gatherings

CT reports on the small percentage of churches in America that are defying bans on large gatherings and continuing to meet. “Ninety-three percent of Protestant churches are closed in America, for fear of spreading COVID-19. Religious liberty advocates are worried about the other seven percent.”

What Are Some Misconceptions About Reformed Theology? (Video)

In this brief video Dr. Sott Redd discusses some of the popular misconceptions about Reformed theology.

3 Suggestions for Trimming Budgets in Tough Times

Though plenty of families are looking at trimming budgets at the moment, this article from TGC Canada pertains to churches. “To be clear, these are suggestions based on what I think is biblically informed prudence. My desire is that these recommendations will be generally helpful for churches – and even individuals and families – to apply the wisdom of the hard-working ant by preparing for what may be a frosty winter ahead of us (Prov 6:6-8).”

Supply, Demand, and COVID-19

WORLD magazine reports on some of the current (and perhaps coming) issues related to supply and demand.

Flashback: My Dear, Sweet Girl

Some sin loudly and some sin quietly. Some sin in their actions and some in their imaginations. But it’s all sin.

Anger isn’t opposed to love. It’s part of love. Anger is the loving response to anything that threatens what we cherish. . . . A God who doesn’t get angry is a God who doesn’t care about justice. A God who doesn’t get angry is a God who doesn’t love. —Trevor Laurence