A La Carte (August 15)

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(Yesterday on the blog: Missing Elements in Our Discussions about Apostasy)

3 Questions D.A. Carson Asks Potential Apostates

I’ve read this before. I’m glad I read it again. “Those of us who have had the privilege of leading people to Christ have often observed how a few weeks later, couple of months later, they come back and they’re all upset and bothered because they’re not sure if maybe they’ve lost their salvation, they’ve sinned again, or whatever. And what you do in that case is take them to the promises of God.”

Jeremiah 29:11
I don’t think anyone doubts Jeremiah 29:11 is relevant today, but there seems to be lots of disagreement on just how it is relevant.
Faithfulness With a Full Quiver

There are some good and realistic thoughts here about real-life productivity. “Thus, my search for productivity hacks began. It wasn’t long however until I ran into a significant but not surprising problem: Most of the ‘productivity lit’ is curated for the unmarried and childless audience. Some of the advice was just not going to cut it given my position.”

Why Are Christian Parents Abandoning Their Children?

“Fertility clinics across America are struggling with a growing number of abandoned embryos—many that are being left behind by Christian parents.” Joe Carter covers it this silent tragedy.

Why You Should Resist Conspiracy Theories

I enjoyed the somewhat differing perspectives (or are they complementary?) between this article and the next one.

It’s Not Paranoia If It’s True

I enjoyed the somewhat differing perspectives (or are they complementary?) between this article and the previous one. (See also Al Mohler on the death of Jeffrey Epstein.)

What Sins Are You Killing Today?

From Peter Adam and TGC Australia comes an important question: What sins are you killing today? “Why are our sins so invisible to us? Because we are naturally complicit in the sins of our culture, our sub-culture, our heroes, our family, our friends. Because these sins surround us, because they are part of the air we breathe, they are invisible to us.”

Flashback: The Patient Mercy of a Holy God

There may be patient mercy, but there must be just wrath. God’s mercy, expressed in patience, does not last forever. It does not negate justice; it just holds it off for a time.

Every time you ask for forgiveness, you recognize that the biggest problems you face in life exist inside of you, not outside of you. —Paul David Tripp