A La Carte (August 16)

Today’s Kindle deals aren’t the lowest prices we’ve ever seen, but there are some really solid books there.

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(For another solid book, check out The Whole Armor of God, on sale at Westminster.)

Have You Considered Trying Harder: The Theology of Rachel Hollis

Anne Kennedy: “In the world of self-help, a genre to which Americans are peculiarly addicted, Rachel Hollis is suddenly ascendant — her diminutive figure bolstered in six-inch heels, her flawlessly high-lighted hair extensions framing her bright, inviting smile. She is the with-it cream at the very top of an already fulsome pitcher. Her enthusiastic ‘Girl, You Can Do It!’ inspires millions of women to reach deep into their pockets and plunk down their money with a restless hope.”

Overcoming the Fear of Evangelism

“God has tasked every Christian with communicating the good news of the gospel to the lost. For some of us, it comes naturally. It’s easy and effortless. If that’s you then you probably don’t need to keep reading. For others, not so much. It’s a struggle. It feels unnatural, forced, and uncomfortable. Concern floods our mind.”

5 Actions of Faithful Evangelists

Speaking of evangelism…

Themelios 44.2

The more scholarly among you will be glad to know that a new issue of Themelios is now available.

Is There a Difference between Pastors and Elders?

Do these two terms refer to two offices, or to just one?

The Original Kindle Was Crazy

It’s fun to go back a little bit and remember the craziness of the first Kindle.

Demas Versus St Paul On Instagram

Here’s an imaginative version of how Demas and Paul might have Instagrammed major changes in life.

Flashback: God’s Mercy and God’s Wrath Meet at the Cross

This is the wonder of the cross, that here we see the fullest measure of wrath and the fullest measure of mercy at the same time in the same place and all because of the same Savior. At the cross, we see wrath and mercy meet.

Love breaks the hold of individualism; it builds new communities out of the ashes of broken and fragmented relationships. —Edward Welch