A La Carte (August 15)

Grace and peace to you today.

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(Yesterday on the blog: God Means To Make Something Of Us)

The twisted self

“Many of us are familiar with books and movies in which plots revolve around characters who find themselves trapped in worlds where nothing works in quite the way they expect. Whether it is Alice wandering through Wonderland or Keanu Reeves trapped in the Matrix, they feel disoriented, confused, and anxious. And that is the way many people feel today in our world, where everything that seemed certain only the day before yesterday—the definition of marriage or the meaning of the word woman, for example—seem now to be in a state of flux.”

For Those who Thirst

This is a sweet reflection on how God satisfies those who thirst.

What Catholicism Teaches About the Supper

“Here in Rome, Italy, near the heart of Roman Catholicism, it is not unusual to pass by one of the city’s countless Catholic churches and see people prostrate on the floor or on bended knee as the priest carries around the bread of the Eucharist.” Reid Karr goes to on explain what the Catholic Church believes about the Lord’s Supper.

Why Keep Reading the Bible?

Why would someone not only read the Bible, but read it again and again? Barbara offers a whole list of good reasons.

another Friendly Reminder

This is a friendly and perhaps necessary reminder about the ways we think about one another and relate to one another.

Imagine Reading ‘The Lord of the Rings’ the Way You Read the Bible

This is actually a good thought exercise: How would it change The Lord of the Rings if you read it like so many people read the Bible?

Flashback: A Prayer for Parents of Teens

This is a prayer for matters of first importance. May it give you words to pray for the child you love…

The night is mother of the day; trust through the dark brings triumph in the dawn. —Theodore Cuyler