A La Carte (August 15)

5 Principles of the New Sexual Morality – Alistair Roberts lays out 5 principles of the new sexual and relational morality. You need to understand this to understand the great shift happening around us today.

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How the Sun Sees You – This is a fascinating video that demonstrates how the sun sees you.

Balancing Authority and Wisdom – H.B. Charles Jr. offers wisdom on how to balance authority and wisdom as a guest preacher. Because these things can go way wrong.

To Date or Not to Date? – Aimee Byrd reflects on an article that has been making the rounds the past few days–an article suggesting that courtship just hasn’t worked.

Robin Williams’ Most Uncomfortable Role – There are some insightful comments in this article: “It’s tempting to think that Robin Williams could have been lifted out of a state of despondency if only he had been able to read all the Twitter comments praising his amazing career as a great actor. Yet this would not be a safe assumption.”

J’adore Paris – These timelapse videos are starting to get a little repetitive, but this one, displaying the beauty of Paris, offers a few tricks and surprises. (Don’t miss the footage after the credits.)

Child Labour Crisis – This is a brilliant bit of satire.

A Technology Fast. Kind of. – John Dyer makes some insightful observations about technology in this article.

You may be singing ‘Holy, holy, holy,’ but if you aren’t thinking about God while singing it, you are not worshiping. —Donald Whitney