A La Carte (August 2)

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(Yesterday on the blog: Cast Your Burden Upon the Lord)

It can’t be both depending on how we feel

Stephen points out one of the massive contradictions among those who are pro-choice.

New Resolve After 55 Years in My Wheelchair

Joni Eareckson Tada reflects on the anniversary of the Disabilities Act and tells how great a difference it has made in her life.

God’s Plan Was Better Than My Plan

Micheal tells of one of those times when–difficult though it was–God’s plan was better than his own.

How Job Teaches Us to Grieve With Hope

“When deep pain and sorrow come into our lives, we experience a crossroads of sorts. We can either turn away from the Lord—deciding that God is not who he says he is and that he is holding out on us in some way— or we draw closer to God, believing that God’s character is unchanging and is always good”

How Harry Emerson Fosdick’s ‘Open Membership’ Overtook the Northern Baptist Convention

This is a good look at an interesting little piece of church history.

What Your Eyes Have Seen

“The human eye finds no match for its intricacies. High-end cameras still can’t compare to the technology found in this tiny little organ. Photographers who capture gorgeous landscapes must grapple with focus, dynamic range, filters, color consistency, and brightness adjustments to match the scene that lays before them. Our eyes do this all in an instant.”

Flashback: A Picture of Perfect Rest

…the rest God promises and the rest we enjoy comes amid the battle, not outside of it, during the race, not only after we have resigned. It is a rest that comes amid the turmoil, that flows when circumstances are dire, that rises up when hearts sink low.