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A La Carte (August 23)


Good morning. May grace and peace be with you today.

You will find a small list of Kindle deals today.

There is some big news in the family: my Abby got engaged! Her boyfriend fiancé Nathan asked her the big question yesterday. We are so very happy for them.

9 Things You Should Know About the Taliban

Joe Carter: “Twenty years ago, the United States overthrew the Taliban government in Afghanistan for harboring Osama bin Laden and providing training grounds for Al-Qaeda terrorists. This month, the Taliban has returned to power after U.S. military forces withdrew and the Afghan government collapsed. Here is what you should know about the brutal Islamist regime.”

Is the Church I’m Going To “A Cult”?

“So how can you tell if the church you are attending is ‘a cult’ or just a little bit different than the church next door?” This is a pretty good explanation.

Church Closed

Kevin Davis: “The truly frightening thing about this church is just how much of it is in all of us, in our churches, in the individuals who make up the churches, and in the leaders who lead them. We inspect others, not out of a love for God and neighbour, and not out of a love for those who are being duped by the false teachings. Not at all.”

Show, Don’t Just Tell

“It’s a key principle of educational philosophy: Show, don’t just tell. Communicating ideas is a good thing. But it’s even better if you can show your work, present persuasive argumentation, explain it clearly, and illustrate it vividly. The show-don’t-just-tell principle has many applications for teachers and leaders of all stripes.”

Unintended Consequences Of Failure Porn

This is worth considering. “It’s the irony that bugs me. We’re listening to a podcast critiquing celebrity culture within the church, and responding to it with all the glee of someone flicking through a celebrity gossip magazine. Apparently oblivious to the hypocrisy. A podcast criticising how the Mars Hill cult leveraged branding and technology to send their message globally is now using the very same technology and platforms, and gaining a cult following.”

I Make, I Carry, I Save

Idolatry, it turns out, comes in many forms…

The Deeper Beliefs Begin to Come Out

This is an interesting look at a culture’s deeper beliefs. “It can feel like the years of steady teaching and discipleship have failed to trickle down into the places of the soul where it really counts. Are the basic means of grace actually enough to transform these people? is a question I find myself wrestling with.”

Flashback: When It’s Time To Remember All the Stupid Things You’ve Said

When you hear how others have spoken idly of you, don’t over-react. A moment’s reflection will remind you that you’ve done the very same thing a million times over.

The world has been enriched more through the poverty of its saints than by the wealth of its millionaires.

—F.B. Meyer

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