A La Carte (August 24)

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(Yesterday at the blog I wrote about the one time it’s good to go back and consider some of the sins you’ve committed in the past.)

The Anger-Porn Connection

I don’t love this treatment of the issue, but I still think there’s value in pointing out the connection between anger and pornography. From so much of what I’ve seen and read, there is a clear connection between porn use and anger. “The biggest reason for a sex addict’s anger, however, is the double life he has lived for so long. Sex addicts are full of secrets and secrets fuel shame. The secrets, like a tumor, grow inside them until they affect every part of their life.”

God Himself (Video)

I really appreciate what Matthew Smith has done in breathing new life into this old hymn.

The Many Faces of Brooklyn’s Greatest Imposter

“There are those who impersonate other people for money and fame, and then there are people like Stanley Clifford Weyman (not his real name), Brooklyn’s greatest imposter, who did it for the love of living in the skin of others. Throughout his life, Weyman impersonated military officials, political figures, and even the personal doctor of Rudolph Valentino’s widow—all just because he wanted to.”

When Your Opportunities and Influence Fade

“Finding peace and joy when your opportunities and influence are less isn’t easy.” But it’s possible.

Why Are There So Many Interpretations of the Bible? (Video)

Dr. Robert Plummer answers in the latest episode of Honest Answers from Southern Seminary.

Before You Fire Your Pastor

“It happened again this week. A pastor contacted me to let me know his deacons asked for his resignation. The reason? No one was really clear about it. The best I can discern the issue was change, or the pace of change.”

My 7 Least Productive Habits

I think a lot of us would echo these seven bad habits.

Flashback: One Very Good Reason to Read Your Bible

If you can’t or won’t do devotions for your own sake, won’t you do it for the sake of others? Won’t you do it for their good, even if not for your own?

When we become too glib in prayer we are most surely talking to ourselves. —A.W. Tozer