A La Carte (August 5)

I think we’ve come to the end of a nice little streak of daily Kindle deals. We’ll hope for better things tomorrow.

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On the printed book front, Westminster Books has deals on books about parenting, headlined by a new edition of one of Paul Tripp’s works.

Jordan Peterson’s Christian Problem

I’m not familiar with Michael Warren Davis and suspect we would disagree on quite a number of matters of theology. But I really did appreciate this expression of his concerns with Jordan Peterson and what he teaches about living a meaningful life (even if that life makes use of the Bible).

How regularly do we expect Luthers to pop up in church history? Apparently, a lot!

This article isn’t really about Luther but more about some of the challenges pastors face. “We simultaneously complain that our leaders aren’t leading and then get angry when they do because we don’t like the way they’re doing it. People don’t seem to know what they want but they are adamant that whatever it is, it’s not whatever you’re doing!”

Rejoicing in the Truth (Even When It’s Taught By Someone Else)

“I gasped when I saw the description of the podcast episode. An author was being interviewed about their soon-to-be-released book. Nothing remarkable there. But the subject of the book was a topic I had been thinking, teaching, and writing about for a couple of years. That author stole my book idea!” Well, not really…

Why We Sleep (And the God Who Doesn’t)

Nick Tucker: “To think about God’s greatness, we naturally tend to talk about what God can do. We, however, are going to consider what God can’t do—and when you realise what God can’t do, his greatness might just blow your mind.”

Do People Die Too Soon?

I tend to agree with Blake that it’s not terribly helpful to say of someone that “he died too soon.” Not if we want to affirm a high view of God’s providence.

How Should The Church Raise Money? Reforming Practices

I have been enjoying Conrad Mbewe’s series on the church in Africa. “If the church in Africa is to mature and take its place in the missionary movement that will usher in the Lord’s return, we must reverse this trend. Our church members must learn to be faithful, generous, and deliberate about financial matters in the context of the church. It is important that church leaders teach young Christians about financial giving so that they develop the habit of giving early in their Christian lives.”

Flashback: Condone, Condemn, or Mourn?

“We cannot be proud and mourn over sin at the same time. We cannot be judgmental toward other believers, or even toward unbelievers, if we are truly contrite and brokenhearted over our sin.”