A La Carte (August 6)

I did not track down any new and notable Kindle deals, so will try again for tomorrow. But it’s a holiday today here in Ontario (see the first link below) so I probably won’t try too hard…

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(Yesterday on the blog: Oft in Sorrow, Oft in Woe)

Simcoe Day and the Fight for Human Rights

About that holiday… “Secular Canadians possess a natural suspicion towards persons of the Christian faith who serve in public office. The fear is that the Christian will apply their Christian convictions into the public sphere. In many ways, this is unavoiable. And in the case of John Graves Simcoe, it should actually be celebrated.”

Satan’s Agenda For The Christian

Chopo Mwanza: “There are two extremes to avoid when it comes to the works of Satan in a Christian’s life. The first is the tendency to fantasize and see him in every shadow of life. This is the thinking of people whose minds are preoccupied with sensationalism that is more akin to a fictional Hollywood production. The other is the thinking that belittles the work of Satan among believers.”

Advice for Your Relationship with an Apostate Family Member

Many of us run into this situation. “Don’t forget, as I mentioned in my first piece of advice, that it’s not your job to make people Christian. It’s not your job to convince them of your arguments either. Your job is to be faithful to your role—being an ambassador for Christ. Share the truth in a loving, persuasive, and gracious way, and then leave the results up to God.”

Miniature Wunderland: Largest Model Train Set (Video)

People are awesome. And eccentric. “Located in Hamburg, Germany, the largest model train set has a huge total length of 15,400 m (50,525 ft). To put that into perspective, the length of the train set is enough to get you to the top of Mount Everest – and 6,000 m back down the other side!”

A Spirit-Anointed Teenage Preacher

“Shortly after Charles Spurgeon became a Christian as a teen, it started becoming apparent that God had specially gifted him as a preacher and called him to be a minister of the Gospel. It is easy to be impressed with the young man who had such extraordinary abilities. But we do well to remember (as young Spurgeon did) that those abilities were given by the Spirit of Christ to effectively point people to Jesus, not to draw attention to the messenger.” There will never be another Spurgeon.

Why There is No Such Thing as the Gift of Tongues

“From time to time pastors are asked about a phenomenon common to Christianity in the past one hundred years called ‘the gift of tongues.’ The phrase generally refers to a spectrum of experiences, ranging from a supposed private, non-earthly prayer language spoken between the believer and God enabled by the Holy Spirit, to an angelic, non-earthly prayer language by the believer in prayer and worship, to an ecstatic non-earthly utterance enabled by the Spirit spontaneously in the believer in private and/or public worship.”

What Is Sola Scriptura?

This doctrine matters so much! “Why does Sola Scriptura still matter in the 21st century, in an age of cars, and planes, and the internet? As much as we like to think that we are autonomous and independent, and that we have it all figured out, we aren’t, and we don’t.”

Flashback: How To Keep the Spark Alive

Why do married couples have sex? And how can they ensure that they keep enjoying the sexual relationship throughout their marriage?

The man who stands with God is always in the majority. —John Knox