A La Carte (August 7)

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Reading God’s Handwriting

“Reading God’s providences is like reading God’s sentences. Ah, but these sentences aren’t typed like scripture—fixed and clear in its wording. Nor are these sentences like the brush strokes of creation. These sentences are in God’s handwriting. Handwriting in a journal, in a live book.”

When Your Spouse Is Mentally Ill

Here’s a helpful inside look at mental illness. “My husband’s schizoaffective disorder devastated our family. Here’s what I’ve learned in the years since he was first diagnosed.”

No Need for Fronts

There’s wisdom here: “Little things are the best signs of character. Straws thrown into the air show which way the wind blows much better than the throwing up of bullets or cannonballs. In great things we have more thought of others, we are moved more by surrounding influences. In little things there is not the same possibility of concealment. We must sometimes forget, and then we act ourselves.”

What Should Evangelicals Think About the Shroud of Turin?

Joe Carter responds to new evidence about the infamous Shroud of Turin. “So is it is a genuine relic or a fake? The mountains of evidence on both sides are too monumental to consider in detail, so let’s look at three broad views taken by modern evangelicals.”

Tips To Help You Disciple Your Children

There’s not a lot here that’s new, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t helpful.

Counseling Parents about Smart Rules for Smartphones (And All Social Media)

“Here are 10 rules and 10 helpful guidelines I would suggest, with the caveat that some may be different in your home.”

Four Things God Cannot Do

God can do everything, right? Not quite.

Flashback: 7 Ways to Ruin a Prayer Meeting

Here are seven ways you increase the likelihood that your prayer meeting will miss the mark.

In our culture, freedom is the ability to do what we want. In the Bible, freedom is the ability to do what we should. —Kevin DeYoung