A La Carte (August 7)

Today’s Kindle deals include some by Piper, some by Keller, and some by others.

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I know a lot of people have shown interest in the ESV Scripture Journals. They are now available in hardcover and are on sale at Westminster Books.

A Celebration Of Wellness

Anne Kennedy celebrates National Wellness Month. Kind of. “Set down that pile of work! Tell your baby to hush himself! Back away from your kitchen counter! This is Your Time!”

Dear America, You and I Have a Complicated Relationship

“I’ve never wholly and completely been one of your own, which has left me feeling like an outsider. But like the astronauts who have the privilege of seeing our planet as a small blue marble, I’ve had the privilege of seeing you, for many years, from the outside. A different perspective is always a privilege.”

Vorticity 2 (Video)

You could probably argue that this is a minute or two too long. But it sure is beautiful.

Valley of Delusion

Janie B. Cheaney: “A small exchange, but it indicates the direction we’re headed. How far we can travel in that direction is not so indicative. After reading about it for the last several years, and talking with the one transgendered person I know by name, I’ve come to some conclusions about the social phenomenon known as transgenderism.”

How Atkins Became Keto

There is always some trendy diet all my friends are trying. The latest is Keto. This article tells how it is and isn’t just the Atkins diet of a decade ago.

The Day I Went to Court

Here’s a meaningful poem to enjoy.

How Should Missionaries Help Create Indigenous Worship Music?

What an interesting look at something few of us have really thought about.

Flashback: 10 Issues To Work Through Before You Get Married

While courtship and engagement is, of course, the time to plan a wedding, it is also the time to plan a marriage. Here, drawn from the work of Jim Newheiser, is a list of issues to work through before you get married.

Our goal should be to raise not self-confident children, but God-dependent adults. —Paul Tautges