A La Carte (August 9)

Today’s Kindle deals include just one book, but I reviewed it positively last week and it’s well worth reading.

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Westminster Books has a solid deal on a new book for kids from Kevin DeYoung.

Reformation Visual Theology

We’ve just released some new Visual Theology related to the Reformation (since, as you know, we’re at the 500th anniversary). There’s lots to look at and, if you like, purchase there.

A Theology of Vacationing

Truth: “The disciples would do the cause of the Kingdom no good if they worked themselves into burnout before it had barely begun to get a foothold on earth. Yet, strangely, those involved in the ministry, missions and many other forms of Christian work, seem to think nothing of pushing themselves so far that they end up being able to go no further. How many would have spared themselves unnecessary angst and pain if they had listened to these words of Jesus?”

Stop Blaming the Smartphone for Everything

I rather agree with this one. “Surely you have to be some kind of luddite weirdo to blame ‘the smartphone’ itself for everything we’ve done wrong with it.”

Brothers, We Are Not Amateurs

This article from Jason Allen nicely complements Piper’s book Brothers, We Are Not Professionals. “A ministerial amateur is not one who lacks formal training or advanced degrees from reputable institutions. An amateur is one who lacks the knowledge base, skill set, and experience for a particular task, in this case, Christian ministry. This is to say, one can still be an amateur though holding an earned degree, and one can be a faithful minister though lacking one.”

Themelios 42.2

Those interested in some more academic reading may appreciate the new issue of Themelios. It’s 180 pages long and free for the taking.

The Complicated Life and Death of Hideki Irabu

Sports Illustrated has a long, sad article about the complicated life and death of Hideki Irabu.

America is Better, Right?

A missionary shows how and why America is a better place than the country he serves. Or is it?

Flashback: Why Satan Is So Skillful at Tempting Us to Sin

What makes Satan so skillful at tempting us to sin? In his little book Fighting Satan, Joel Beeke offers 6 reasons.

Many blush to confess their thoughts, who never blush to commit them. —William Secker