A La Carte (December 1)

Crossway is holding a pretty good sale on ESVs for Crossway+ members. (Crossway+ is a free subscription.)

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There are a few interesting books discounted as part of today’s Kindle deals. You may also want to check out their new batch of general market deals which include, for example, McCulloughs’s incredible biography of Truman.

(Yesterday on the blog: A Family Update Four Weeks After Our Worst Day)

Where Are the Other Fake Fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls?

What an interesting look at fake fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls. As CT report, “sixteen forgeries have been discovered so far in the collections of unsuspecting evangelicals. Experts have suspicions about many more.”

Envy is such an ugly sin, and this digital age gives us new ways to express it. “Envy is often misunderstood. I suspect many of us today are apt to confuse it somewhat with Greed. Both, it seems, boil down to wanting more stuff, so that Envy would seem to designate merely the sub-set of cases in which someone else already has the stuff that you want (and perhaps their having it is what prompts your wanting it). But the presence of the other in Envy is not incidental…”

Social Media And Expert Culture

Another aspect of this digital world relates to what it has done to our understanding of expertise. “Social media naturally breeds an expert culture, where we seek to prove our knowledge, allegiances, and abilities often before we consider the full impact of these decisions and how they will impact others created in God’s image.”

How the Doctor Who Went Viral for Disinfecting Groceries in March Feels About That Video Now

Do you remember early in the pandemic when that doctor made a video about how to disinfect your groceries? I have often thought about that video since and wondered how he feels about it now. This interview answers my questions.

A Biblical And Scientific Approach To Climate Change

You’ll need to set aside a few hours for this one, which is a small book as much as a long article. It offers a biblical and scientific approach to climate change via anthropogenic global warming.

Happily Married? A 10-Step Relationship Assessment

If you’re interested in assessing your marriage (knowing, of course, that no assessment is perfect) you may be interested in this resource.

Be Bold

There is lots of boldness in the world today, but how does it compare to the boldness we see in the Bible? “There is a pattern of boldness in the Bible. Different people, different circumstances, different times in history but the one unchangeable thing was what they were bold about. They were bold about their God!”

Flashback: Services Shaped Like an Hourglass

We begin our service distracted, narrow our focus to Jesus Christ, then broaden our gaze to living in this world for God’s glory. We do it again the next week, and again the week after that.

We please Him most not by frantically trying to make ourselves good, but by throwing ourselves into His arms with all our imperfections, and believing that He understands everything and loves us still. —A.W. Tozer