A La Carte (December 15)


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Rebuilding Appalachia – I enjoyed this short film that shows the work of an interesting ministry.

To the Dad Looking at Porn – In case you still don’t have enough reasons to stop looking at porn, here are more.

Controlling Online Conversation – This article shows how it’s possible to control the news stories that appear to be most prominent.

Moses Without the Supernatural – Al Mohler reviews the new film Exodus: Gods and Kings. What I want to know: Does Dr. Mohler take a book with him when he goes to see a movie?

Prayer and Dependence – Randy Alcorn reflects on prayer and offers some encouragement for those who struggle to pray.

I Am the Very Model of a Biblical Philologist – This silly video goes back a few years, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it.

Christianity’s first call is not “Behave!” but “Behold!” —Matt Papa