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A La Carte (December 24)

How C.S. Lewis Made Christianity Seem Like Common Sense

I was surprised to find this little article in the National Post.

Inside Chipotle’s Contamination Crisis

This is quite an interesting look at Chipotle’s crisis with their contaminated food. “Almost 500 people around the country have become sick from Chipotle food since July, according to public-health officials. And those are just the ones who went to a doctor, gave a stool sample, and were properly diagnosed.”

New York To Berlin

You’ll enjoy this illustrated version of a flight from New York to Berlin.

Why I Disagree with John Piper

Yesterday I linked to John Piper’s challenge to Jerry Falwell Jr. Today I am linking to a very level-headed response by Bob Thune. (Remember: I’m Canadian so am far outside this discussion since firearms are already heavily regulated here.) Also, here is another respectful rejoinder.

This Day in 1912. 103 years ago today, famous missionary to China, Lottie Moon died. *

Fancy that. Noam Chomsky Was Right about Porn

It’s not only Christians who are protesting pornography.

Should the Children Suffer?

“The incarnation has always provided me incredible motivation for mission. Jesus willingly left heaven, comfort, glory, and his Father. He made his home among us and gave himself for us. There could be no greater example of missionary life.” But what about a missionary’s children?


God didn’t send a program or a plan, he sent a himself.

—Darrin Patrick

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    Maybe We Make Meditation Too Difficult

    Of all the Christian disciplines, it is my guess that meditation may be the least practiced—though I suppose fasting might have something to say about that. Most people diligently make time to read the Bible and pray. And yet, while most people have good intentions when it comes to meditation, it so often seems to…

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    This week the blog is sponsored by Matthias Media. Does your evangelistic passion match the New Testament call to proclaim Christ’s name to all people? God calls on us to partner with him in “hastening the coming of the day of God” (2 Pet 3:12) by laboring to make people ready for that day, having…

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