A La Carte (December 27)

Today’s Kindle deals include all kinds of excellent books. There are 18 or 20 books on the list, ranging from Elisabeth Elliot to Francis Chan to Ed Welch. Also, Amazon has all kinds of general market books discounted today, most of which are 2016 award winners.

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Grace To You will send you a free copy of John MacArthur’s upcoming book The Gospel According to Paul. All you need to do is ask. You can’t beat that!

Nature’s Garbage Men

Cockroaches are nature’s garbage men. “In fact, while they get a bad reputation from their pest cousins, there are thousands of species of cockroaches that do not infest homes, and actually play vital ecological roles. They also display indicators of ingenious design that robotics engineers are learning from.”

Does God Get Your Leftovers?

Bonnie McKernan admits “Prayer is hard. It’s always been the spiritual discipline I struggle with the most. I blame it on all sorts of things — my busy life, my easily distracted mind, my loud children, my personality, how I’m better at communicating through writing rather than verbally — the list goes on.”

How Many Times Have Americans Been Married? (Infographic)

Here’s a neat, simple infographic that shows when Americans get married (and remarried).

10 Things About God’s Wills

Yes, God’s wills (not will). Sam Storms continues his “10 things” series by looking at the wills of God. Here’s one to ponder: God is often pleased to ordain his own displeasure.

This Day in 1840. 176 years ago today minister and hymnwriter George Duffield Jr. was ordained to the Presbyterian ministry. ’Stand up, Stand up for Jesus’ is his most famous hymn. *

God Will Give You Something To Say

John Piper discusses how he goes about personal evangelism and encourages you that God fulfills his promises.

Top 10 YouTubes of 2016

Denny Burk lists his top 10 YouTube videos of the year. They are mostly silly, but a couple are thought-provoking as well.

Read the Whole Bible in 2017

Josh Buice gives three other reasons to read the whole Bible in 2017—”other” in the sense that you may not have thought of these three.

Getting Started with Logos

Logos pricing is really difficult to understand. This article is as clarifying as any I’ve read and is helpful if you’re thinking of getting started with it.


In order to achieve final salvation, sanctification is as necessary as justification. —Sinclair Ferguson