A La Carte (December 6)

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I am just now about to leave Kitwe, Zambia, to make the long journey home (which involves driving to Ndola, then flying to Johannesburg, Frankfurt, and finally Toronto). If all goes well, I should be home Saturday afternoon.

Weeknight Dinner Around the World

Here are some photos from around the world showing different families and what they eat for dinner. Somehow something so mundane can still be interesting.

Preparing for Your Future

Question 37 of the Westminster Shorter Catechism asks, ‘What benefits do believers receive from Christ at death?’ The answer is, ‘The souls of believers are at their death made perfect in holiness, and do immediately pass into glory; and their bodies, being still united to Christ, do rest in their graves till the resurrection.’ In keeping with this answer, I’ve spent time recently thinking about preparing for death, both physically (the body) and spiritually (the soul).”

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Does God Care If We Diet and Exercise?

The short answer to the above question is yes, of course. This article explains why.

Why Is Jesus Called the Firstborn of Creation?

“If Christ is God, why does Paul calls him ‘the firstborn of all creation’? Does Paul mean that God created Christ? Is Christ a creature of God?” This is good theology to have nailed down the next time a Jehovah’s Witness wants to talk to you.

The Best Kind of Gift

“I’ve certainly had a few presents like that over the years. I suspect you probably have too. The things that people gave you because they thought you ought to like them: ‘a gourmet olive set, how thoughtful!’ Or, maybe the books you’ve been given because somebody thinks the thing is important and rather than thinking what you might like, they get you what they think you ought to believe instead.”

Six Marks of Maturity to Look For in Your Life

Passing theology exams, having an impressive theological library or debating finer theological points is not the essence of Christian maturity. The purpose of learning the knowledge of God is so that we might walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to him (Col 1:9). These six marks of maturity are not everything, but they are essential and shape every aspect of our lives.”

Witless Wednesday: The Morning Routine

I enjoyed Anne Kennedy’s article. “In this way, otherwise fun accounts of morning routines can become mental-health traps for some people. ‘I’m concerned about people seeing the way things are for other people and thinking they really have to do the same thing, and they don’t take into account necessarily some of the constraints and realities that they have to deal with,’ Flett says. “People are sitting there going, ‘I need to be perfect. Other people are doing it; I’m not. It’s attainable, but I’m not that way.’ And they get locked into a very self-critical pattern.'”

Flashback: Learning To Trust the Instruments

The Word is the instrument that will guide us and reassure us, even when the fog is heavy, when the engines have stopped and when we don’t know whether we’re going up or down.

Instead of finding identity in our roles—in being fathers and mothers, teachers and writers and pastors—we must find identity in being image bearers of God. —Hannah Anderson