A La Carte (February 12)

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(Yesterday on the blog: Meet My Friend Selina)

How To Stop Hating Yourself

I appreciated reading Emma’s thoughts on self-hatred. “Self-hatred is not God’s plan for your life. He is not calling you to focus on all the reasons why you’re odd or rubbish or stupid or shameful. He’s not waiting in the bushes with a long lens to capture your mistakes. He’s not scowling at the front of class or sniggering behind your back.”

700 Is Not the Total Number

Not surprisingly, there have been many Southern Baptist responses to Sunday’s news story about abuse within the SBC. Here J.D. Greear and Brad Hambrick team up to offer help and comfort. “If you have been victimized by a church leader (or anyone else for that matter) and the Houston Chronicle story rekindled fear and doubt about how you could receive care, please hear us: we are profoundly sorry. It is an unjust tragedy that you experienced abuse in the past. And it is unjust and tragic that you feel fear in the present.” (Also read Al Mohler and Christianity Today.)

A Princess Vanishes. A Video Offers Alarming Clues

This is a strange story from Dubai. “The princess known as Sheikha Latifa had not left Dubai, the glittering emirate ruled by her father, in 18 years. Her requests to travel and study elsewhere had been denied. Her passport had been taken away. Her friends’ apartments were forbidden to her, her palace off-limits to them.”

How to Protect Yourself From Webcam Hackers (Video)

There isn’t much here we didn’t already know, but it does serve as a reminder to take at least some precautions when it comes to webcams. It doesn’t make you a conspiracy theorist to pop a little cover over your webcam.

To All the Books I’ll Never Read

Cassie laments, and celebrates, all the books she’ll never read.

The Global Church Isn’t…

While it’s at times necessary to talk about “the church in Africa” or “the church in South America” (or etc) it’s usually not very helpful. “When we try to generalise about the World church and say that it is ‘X’, we are actually saying far more about ourselves and our own ethnocentrism than we are about anything else.”

How to Pray When You Hate Your Job

“We know that because of humanity’s rebellion and sin, the work we are called to do greets us each Monday morning with a myriad of thorns and thistles. We may deeply struggle with our work, our workplaces, and the fellow image bearers we encounter in our vocational responsibilities.” Here’s how to pray on those days you just hate what you do.

Flashback: 4 Grave Dangers in Every Sin

While sin–even serious sin–does not necessarily prove that you are unsaved, continuing in sin without any progress against it, should stand as a serious warning. If you continue unrepentantly in your sin, you prove you are not saved at all and will leave this life to face God’s eternal judgment.

God is more interested in our holiness than in our comfort. —D.A. Carson