A La Carte (February 19)

The Front Line in the Gender Wars – “The gender revolution will not be televised. Why? Because it is taking place in your local public bathroom.” A children’s bathroom, that is.

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True Greatness Never Goes Viral – This is a sweet tribute to a godly man. “Despite his lack of public fame, my grandpa was truly great in God’s eyes. That’s the funny thing about true, biblical greatness. Biblical greatness almost never goes viral, because biblical greatness almost always involves doing things no one ever sees.”

The Antichrist – David Murray is writing a series on the Antichrist. Now there’s a topic we don’t talk about much anymore…

Can Orientation Be Sinful? – People often distinguish between orientation and behavior. Denny Burk examines whether that distinction holds up under scrutiny.

You’re Not a Superhero – Paul Tripp writes about some of our natural limitations and how we sometimes try to defy them.

Are Tongues Real Languages? – Nathan Busenitz is beginning a series to answer this question: In New Testament times, did the gift of tongues produce authentic foreign languages only, or did it also result in non-cognitive speech (like the private prayer languages of modern charismatics)? Regardless of your position, I think the series is likely to be helpful.

Psalm 34 – Psalm 34 is one of several acrostic poems in the Bible. This graphic nicely shows some of what we lose in an English translation.

I would rather make bricks without straw than try to live the Sermon on the Mount in my own strength. —D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones