A La Carte (February 2)


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Everyone’s a Theologian – This month’s free audiobook from Christian Audio is R.C. Sproul’s systematic theology Everyone’s a Theologian. It would be crazy not to grab it!

How to Fall Out of Love – “Someone asked me how to fall out of love. ‘You don’t,’ I said. ‘The problem is not that you love him too much, it’s that you love everything else too little’.”

Rules for Biblical Dating – I especially appreciate rule #3.

The Gospel in Three Directions – J.D. Greear explains how the gospel focuses our attention in three directions.

Those Considering Divorce – Randy Alcorn has some thoughts for those who are considering divorce. He says, “This is NOT an attack piece on the divorced. It is written for the many believers who may be considering a divorce too soon because it is a cultural norm.”

Church on Fire – “Last month in the nation of Niger, more than 55 church buildings, some homes, a couple of schools, and an orphanage were burned in one day by religious extremists.” Here’s an account from the front lines.

The resurrection of Jesus is God’s answer to a hopeless world. —Ed Welch