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A La Carte (February 21)

A La Carte Collection cover image

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you today.

Westminster Books has rounded up 13 new and noteworthy books by Lexham Press and is offering them at a discount. Looking at the list, I want to commend Lexham for their great cover designs! I also dug up a few more Kindle deals.

As I do each day, I have collected some articles that I found both interesting and informative. I hope they’ll bless you as they blessed me.

When Cultural Tailwinds Become Cultural Headwinds

Stephen McAlpine considers how Christians need to think and live differently now that cultural tailwinds have become cultural headwinds. “It’s well documented in the West, though perhaps not described in this way, that the Christian faith has enjoyed cultural tailwinds for quite some time. Such a period of time in fact, that the Western church has perhaps normalised what it means to have a slight competitive advantage in the race.”

Talking With Kids About Gender Issues: Give Them Biblical Vocabulary

One thing we need to do as much as ever at a time of cultural change is speak to our children about gender issues. Ellen Mary Dykas guides parents into several important conversations and types of conversation.

Coram Deo Pastors Conference

Coram Deo is a Latin phrase meaning “before the face of God.” The phrase is often associated with John Calvin and other Reformers who summoned the Christian to live all of life in God’s presence (Ps. 56:13). More specifically, pastors have been charged in the presence of God to preach the word (2 Tim. 4:1-2). This conference aims to remind pastors of our great God, to recharge the preacher for teaching with clarity and conviction, and to reinvigorate the weary soul for a life of ministry faithfulness before the face of God. (Sponsored Link)

Try to Be More Awkward

I know it sounds a little odd, but Brianna wants you to be a bit more awkward at church. And, for what it’s worth, I agree with her.

Life Is More Than Mountaintop Experiences

Aaron Armstrong: “Genuine ‘mountaintop experiences’ are good things, but they are not everything. And what we need to remember is that God’s presence with us is not defined by how we feel. He is with us even when we’re not aware of his being with us at all.”


“Whatever its origin, I think ‘tinder’”’ is a vivid, clarifying image. I need to learn I’m carrying ‘tinder’ around inside me. I’m like a vehicle that transports chemicals, that needs a haz-chem symbol on the outside. I need a ‘highly flammable’ sticker slapped on me.”

Unpacking “Separation of Church and State”

Alan D. Strange unpacks that familiar phrase “separation of church and state.”

Flashback: None of Us Will Ever Forget What You Did

“Go. Get out of here. You’re lost—don’t come back until you’ve found yourself.”

Hope as much as ever a man can hope; for when your hope is in God you cannot hope too much.

—Charles Spurgeon

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