A La Carte (February 25)

Today’s Kindle deals are probably not the most interesting of all-time, but there are still a few there.

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Over at Westminster Books you’ll find all 40 editions of the ESV Thinline Bibles discounted 50%.

(Yesterday on the blog: On Cracking the Code)

Count Your Blessings

Sometimes the songs of our childhood have wisdom to impart. “Imagine how much fuller our Christian lives and service would be if we would simply count God’s many blessings—giving Him thanks for each of them. When we return true heartfelt thanksgiving to God for the blessings that He has bountifully given us, further benefits develop.”

What Is the Gift of Tongues? (Video)

Here’s an excellent explanation of the gift of tongues from Tom Schreiner. (If you haven’t yet, buy and read his book Spiritual Gifts.)

The Million-Dollar Scammer and His Many Mormon Marks

I’m not sure that I can quite tell you why, but I found this article fascinating.

Two Sets of Search Criteria

“Here are two descriptions of the ideal candidate for the office of Pastor. The first is taken from a large and well-known church in the West; the second is taken from Gregory the Great’s Book of Pastoral Rule.” This comparison is both interesting and revealing.

He Loved You Before There Was a You

Jared Wilson: “God’s love for his children is grounded in the eternal reality of his very self. It is predicated on nothing but the purity of his very nature, the endless-both-ways love he both has and is.”

What is Reformed Theology? (Video)

Kevin DeYoung answers in this brief video.

Was the Nuclear Family a Mistake?

New York Times columnist David Brooks recently published a long article in which he talked about the nuclear family and how it’s time to move beyond it. John Stonestreet rounds up some of the responses and adds his own.

Flashback: When Grumbling Meets Gossip

Rather than following biblical guidance and speaking directly to a person who has offended us, we speak to anyone or everyone else. This invariably erodes relationships in the church and foments disunity.

Those lies that cause us so much fear, anxiety, and distress come from the one who has been lying from the beginning. —David Powlison