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A La Carte (February 28)


It’s not much of a day for Kindle deals, so we will hope for better things tomorrow.

(Yesterday on the blog: The Eternal Significance of a Single Little Word)

Why is Dystopian Fiction Worth Reading?

Maybe it’s time to read some thoughtful dystopian fiction. “This is a genre well worth exploring, though with care and caution. It’s a big blank canvas that insightful writers can use to paint pictures of grim futures, all in the hopes that they, and we, will ensure such futures never come to be.”

The Age of Infanticide: The Senate Will Not Even Protect Babies Born Alive

Al Mohler: “Late yesterday, the United States Senate failed to muster enough votes to protect the lives of children born alive after an attempted abortion. This vote comes as one of the most important events in recent American political history—and it is simultaneously tragic and telling. This latest failure to protect human life represents the latest chapter in America’s lamentable and horrific Culture of Death – a culture driven by the pro-abortion movement.”

Why I See Bright Hope in Our Children’s Generation

“When I was a preteen, a girls’ retreat would be focused on more superficial things. We would hear that we are doing great and that God finds us beautiful and that if we want friends we have to be friends. We would have been told that Christian girls don’t wear skirts that are too short and we may have even had a makeup demonstration. Nothing is wrong with these things, but those things aren’t what we really needed to hear.”

Ask Ligonier with Stephen Nichols (Video)

Steve Nichols recently went on-camera to answer a bunch of questions. You can watch it here.

United Methodists Reject Call to Embrace Homosexual Clergy and Same-Sex Weddings

Here’s a brief summary from Joe Carter. “Whatever outcome was chosen this week, it has long been obvious that United Methodists were not united, and were headed to an inevitable schism. The split will be painful and rancorous. But it is necessary.” You’ll also want to read this article by Denny Burk on the same issue.

Best Pre-Marital Advice We Got and Love to Give

This is the first time I’ve heard this advice and it’s not half bad! “Wanna hear the best pre-marital advice Mark and I received? Well, maybe it’s not the best, but we sure do refer to it a lot. We use it and we tell it to other couples all the time. It even feels a little bit like a marriage hack because it’s so simple and yet pays huge dividends.”

The Biblical Opposite of Homosexuality Is Not Heterosexuality

Christopher Yuan: “What we need is a completely new category to represent God’s sexual ethic: holy sexuality. We’ve pigeonholed ourselves into the wrong framework: heterosexuality, bisexuality, or homosexuality. It’s time to break free from this secular paradigm and embrace God’s vision for sexuality. The term holy sexuality simplifies and disentangles an otherwise complex conversation.”

Flashback: Little Words That Make All the Difference

When we impart such wisdom, a few short words make all the difference: “This is me, not the Bible.” It is a distinction that has to do with authority, a distinction between inerrant commands and imperfect application.

Because a sermon is simply an overflow of a preacher’s life, the man of God must prepare his heart well. A sermon rises no higher than a preacher’s soul before God.

—Steven Lawson

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    Let’s Hear It For the Second Parents

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    The Glorious End without the Difficult Means

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