A La Carte (February 6)

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(Yesterday on the blog: How Do You Feel About Your 170 Hours of TV So Far this Year?)

Worship God: Start a Hobby

I very much enjoyed Brianna Lambert’s thoughts on hobbies, and especially on not feeling the need to master a hobby. She says, “Lately, hobbies have become a metric of personal success. But their core purpose is to help us pause and praise.”

The LGBT Movement’s Dangerous Hypocrisy on Conversion Therapy

Joe Carter explains how the LGBT movement is showing some very dangerous hypocrisy when it comes to conversion therapy.

Confessions of a Recovering Political Idolater

Jared Wilson explains how he began to recover from his political idolatry. “In the twenty years since, I haven’t watched but a handful of hours, usually when at other people’s homes when it is the background noise of choice. But other habits die harder. Here are some symptoms of my ailment I need to stay in constant vigilance about. Maybe you do too.”

Only a Fool Would Conclude There is No God (Video)

You’ll enjoy this clip from Steve Lawson. He shows what’s behind the famous words from Psalm 14: The fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God…'”

Living More as We Preach

Vance Christie: “In her autobiography Climbing, Memories of a Missionary’s Wife, Rosalind Goforth recorded both struggles and victories from her forty-seven years of service with her husband Jonathan in China. One such matter she wrote about had to do with the challenge of more consistently living up to what she was teaching others. Many of us who face the same challenge can gain instruction and encouragement from her example in this regard.”

Rediscovering the Lost Power of Reading Aloud

This is a look at humanity’s long (and seemingly soon-to-be-lost) habit of reading aloud.

When Talking about Congregants…
Nick Batzig has wise counsel for pastors/elders and the ways they speak about their congregants.
Flashback: Advanced Technologies and Basic Christianity

Our sinfulness compels us to jump to conclusions; our technologies enable us to broadcast them. While we are all tempted to make hasty judgments privately, those with Twitter accounts are tempted to do so publicly.

When God speaks, he acts. His word does more than explain his action; it is active in itself. God achieves his purposes by his word. —John Stott