Epic Is Now Available for Pre-Order!

After 180,000 miles of travel, 24 countries, at least 80 museums, and many rounds of writing, revising and designing, my new book and documentary series are pretty much ready to go! Epic: An Around-the-World Journey through Christian History explores the history of what God is accomplishing in this world–whether through princes or peasants, triumph or trial—and does it through historical objects from all around the globe. Each object offers a tangible link between the present and the past, between the Christians of the 21st century and those who lived and died in centuries past. Together they invite you to discover and better understand the story you are already part of.

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Both the book and documentary series are now available to pre-order for delivery in March. And for those who pre-order, there is some neat bonus material available. You can pre-order at:

To receive your bonus material, visit epicchristianhistory.com.