A La Carte (January 10)

There isn’t a whole lot to speak of in Kindle deals. The search continues. Meanwhile, on the print side, Westminster Books is kicking off their year by having a sale on some of last year’s bestsellers.

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(Yesterday on the blog: Devotional Resources for Children (Video))

Announcing Ask Ligonier: A Place for Answers

This new feature from Ligonier Ministries is one of the most ambitious things I’ve ever seen a ministry attempt. Bravo!

When Beauty Pours Out

This is beautiful. “She was walking, one tiny step at a time, up the hospital hallway when we spotted her. She looked surprisingly radiant, leaning on a walker in her pink pajamas and pink robe. She has been in the hospital for a week, her 83 year old body fighting off pneumonia while doctors and nurses prick and poke and do all they can to make her well again. Chad and I were excited to see her, our friend Carolyn who always has a smile and an encouraging word. It was good to find her up and going, however slowly, and we walked alongside her, matching her shuffling steps as she told us all about her hospital stay.”

Memphis Pastor Admits ‘Sexual Incident’ With High School Student 20 Years Ago

This story broke through blogs and has since been picked up by the mainstream media.

4 Reasons Contract Surrogacy Should Not Be Legal In Washington State

“FPIW President, Joseph Backholm, talks about 4 Reasons Contract Surrogacy Should Not Be Legal In Washington State.” Though he speaks specifically in the context of Washington, what he says is applicable everywhere.

Talk to the Children When Fencing the Table

Josh Buice talks about how his church practices fencing the table for Lord’s Supper. “Sunday, as our church gathered and I was fencing the table, I made it a point to not only talk to the parents, but I also addressed the children. I wanted them to hear me explain why they were not invited to join with us in worship through the bread and cup. What follows are some basic reasons why you should talk to the children when fencing the table.”

Your Smartphone is Making You Stupid, Antisocial and Unhealthy

“A decade ago, smart devices promised to change the way we think and interact, and they have – but not by making us smarter. Eric Andrew-Gee explores the growing body of scientific evidence that digital distraction is damaging our minds.” I am still not full convinced by all of this stuff, but there is certainly a growing number of people sounding the warning.

How Does Your Immune System Work? (Video) 

“The immune system is a vast network of cells, tissues, and organs that coordinate your body’s defenses against any threats to your health. Without it, you’d be exposed to billions of bacteria, viruses, and toxins that could make something as minor as a paper cut or a seasonal cold fatal. So how does it work? Emma Bryce takes you inside the body to find out.”

Abused and Betrayed

This is terrible to listen to, but an important subject to be aware of. “People with intellectual disabilities are the victims of sexual assault at a rate seven times higher than those without disabilities. But this epidemic receives little attention.”

Flashback: A Day a Week, A Week a Year

I am glad to have access to these devices but want to ensure that we are using them well, that we own them instead of allowing them to own us.

Biblical change is not the absence of struggles but the freedom to choose holiness in the midst of our struggles. —Christopher Yuan