A La Carte (January 11)

Good morning and happy Monday! May God bless you as you live out this week for the good of others and the glory of God.

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(Yesterday on the blog: 7 Things I Pray You Experience in 2021)

Discernment Danger

This short articles offers a few warnings related to discernment.

Walking the Graveyards

From the mission field, this blogger answers a fairly common question: “But why go to the other side of the world when there are so many lost people right here in the homeland?”

What We’ve Lost by Over-sexualizing Male Friendship

I’ve often reflected on the over-sexualization (or just plain sexualization) of male friendship and how it has proved a hindrance to deep relationships. Wyatt Graham has been thinking about it as well. “Men used to freely show love and kindness to one another because that is what friends did. Today, that openness seems utterly lost because it seems to mark a sexual advance.”

Be a Truth-Lover

There’s a lot of wisdom in this article about loving the truth. “However angry or scared you are right now, your love for truth must be greater than your party, your political pre-commitments, and your agenda. You have an ethical responsibility to be a truth-lover.”

“Real” Circumcision (Rom 2:28–19)

I always appreciate the way Bill Mounce highlights some of the difficulties translators face in their task.

The Core of Christianity Is Christ

Perhaps you’d benefit from this short reminder that the core of Christianity is Christ himself.

Building a Culture of Evangelism Takes Time, So Be Patient and Get to Work

“Evangelism isn’t just for the ‘professionals’—pastors, ministers, Bible teachers, and all the rest. Instead, the New Testament teaches that evangelism is the whole church’s job. But asserting the ‘whole church’ does evangelism can be a bit confusing. What does that mean? Is there some special evangelism program hidden somewhere in the pages of the New Testament? Furthermore, what if any relationship exists between our personal evangelism and our church’s outreach ministry?”

Flashback: All My Ways Are Known To You

…all of my ways are known to him, and even this complete knowledge does nothing to diminish or destroy his love for me.

One of the common failures of Christian faith, is in being satisfied with God’s gifts and not then going on to find God Himself. God is always better than His best gifts. —J.R. Miller