A La Carte (January 12)

This week’s deal from Westminster Books is on a book I’d urge all Baptists (and maybe even non-Baptists) to read.

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(Yesterday on the blog: What I Want From A Church)

When I Die Young (Or Old)

Vanessa Le considers dying young…or old.

Members who build the body

“Healthy local churches make a powerful and attractive testimony to a watching world. This means that every member has to be devoted to building others up.” Chopo lists some of the people who, as members of the church, build up the body.

The Economics of Abortion in One Lesson

Some people make an economic argument for abortion. Kevin DeYoung responds to it here, saying that “even if abortion made great economic sense, abortion would still be wrong. But let’s think about the economic argument on its own merits.”

10 Absurdities of Atheism

Michael Patton offers 10 absurdities of atheism (plus a bonus 11th).

On Feeling (and Being) Heard

Chris looks at the well-known words of Matthew 18 and considers one of the ways people get around it.

The Self-Righteous Narrative of Abuse

“People who hurt, misuse, and condemn others almost always couch their cruelty in self-righteous language. They twist the truth to make themselves look good, and they do it at the expense of others. Like Adam, they blame their partners for their bad behavior, and like the Pharisees, they create pious narratives and attack anyone who disagrees with them.”

Flashback: Be a Parent Worthy of Honor

Children do not bear the full responsibility of the fifth commandment. If children are to extend honor to their parents, parents are to make it easy for them by living honorable lives.

Sound doctrine and holy living are the marks of true pastors. —J.C. Ryle