A La Carte (January 13)

Good morning. Grace and peace to you.

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The Speck You See in Their Eye Might Be the Exact Log in Yours

“In a time when the world’s view of conflict resolution seems to be defined by ‘winning’ and humiliating your adversary, there is a lesson that I continually apply in order to try to bring grace and healing to tense situations.” It’s a lesson we’d all do well to consider.

Africa, the Prosperity Gospel, and the Problem of Unguarded Churches

I appreciate what Kenneth Mbugua has to say about the great need of the church in Africa.

January’s for Reflecting, Not Resolving

I think John Onwuchekwa may be on to something here. “Maybe part of the reason why so many resolutions fail by February is that they were early. Maybe the resolutions weren’t wrong; they were just underdeveloped. Maybe, they needed an extra month or two in the oven.”

God Has Not Given You a Stone

“God has not given you a stone in your circumstances. However pleasant or unpleasant your life may be, God is always giving the bread you need. He is never going to trick you or be cruel to you. God’s providence may lead us to a dry bank, yet even there God commands the raven to feeds us. In all things, even that thing you wish most never to have happened, God has not given you a stone.”

Millennials, Don’t Waste Your Childlessness

These are some interesting thoughts about an infamous tweet regarding intentionally childless millennials.

Homeschooling is a Better Offense than Defense

Samuel argues that homeschooling is better seen as a tool of offense than defense. “What is homeschooling good for? The answer, I think, is also fairly simple. Homeschooling is a powerful vehicle for personal formation, inasmuch as it normalizes a home-centered rhythm of life.”

Flashback: The Greatest Christians and the Most Visible Gifts

…in God’s economy earnestness counts for more than eloquence, obedience for more than acclaim, submission for more than any measure of visible success. If God chooses the weak to shame the strong, perhaps he also chooses the least visible to humble the most prominent.

God never leads us through a place too narrow for Him to pass as well. —F.B. Meyer