A La Carte (January 16)

Grace and peace to you today.

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(Yesterday on the blog: Let the Sunlight In)

I Did Not Sign-Up for This: The Fourth P of Pastoral Ministry

“In my early years of ministry formation, I had the three P’s of ministry drummed into me: People. Prayer and Proclamation. Yet after 30+ years in ministry, I’ve come to realise that there is actually a fourth and often overlooked or undervalued P.” I’ll allow Ying Yee to explain.

The Saviour’s Jerusalem Playlist

“Many of us have our favourite pieces of music pulled together into a playlist on Spotify or on our phones. If we’re heading off on a journey, or we need to unwind, we set it to play. Within the book of Psalms there is a playlist for a journey.”

Wrinkles in Time

Kristin writes about embracing rather than fighting middle age.

Seasons of Spiritual Drought

“You’re trying, you really are. You’ve been seeking him, but even after years of discipline, your heart isn’t warmed. You pray for a strong desire to study God’s word, but day after day still feels the same. Is something wrong with you?”

The Long and Lingering Tail of Suffering

“Surviving a crisis is more than making it through the first day of disaster.” Vaneetha Rendall Risner explains how suffering is often a very long process.

To Be Free, Flee

“Idols have a way of disappointing those who trust them. Because only God is God, everyone and anything that we put before God will fail us. Nothing and no one is as strong and faithful and good as God.”

Flashback: The Angel of Patience

Here is a wonderful bit of verse from John Greenleaf Whittier as he masterfully speaks of God’s comfort in our sorrows and losses.

While we may give lip service to discipling our children, the reality comes when we start prioritizing activities. —Chap Bettis