A La Carte (January 18)

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Being Forgotten

“The Lord has promised to build his church. Sometimes the Lord builds his church through gigantic heroes of the faith. More often than not, however, it is the simple, ordinary, and everyday means of being faithful to the calling the Lord has put in front us.” Indeed.

The Mud on Gillette’s Face

There have, of course, been many responses to Gillette’s now-notorious advertisement. I enjoyed quite a few of them, including this one from Rachel Lu. “Masculinity is a thorny topic nowadays. But if Gillette is planning to brave these turbulent waters, they need a more substantial message. Instead of insulting men with a litany of brutish stereotypes, show us examples of men who contribute something good to society.”

We Beg You, Church-Member, Pray For Your Elders!

Do you pray for the pastors and/or elders of your church? “The Christian has no more powerful weapon that is constantly available to him than the glorious privilege of prayer. Intercessory prayer proves to be the greatest — and at the same time, the hardest — blessing that Christians have for one another!”

The Peculiar Glory of Unexpected Discoveries

“There is a peculiar glory found in unexpected discoveries. A cool fresh stream flowing down a heavily forested gully is enjoyable, but the same stream found in the barren wastelands of a distant desert is a wonder. Treasure, found in a clay jar, is all the more brilliant for the fact of where it was hidden. As I said, there is a peculiar glory found in unexpected discoveries.”

5 Myths about Complementarianism

Andreas and Margaret Köstenberger cover some of the common myths about complementarianism. They “highlight three myths imposed onto complementarianism from the outside (i.e. by egalitarians), plus two myths sometimes perpetuated by those on the inside (i.e. complementarians themselves who mistakenly push the boundaries of God’s design, perhaps to accommodate the culture).”

We Can’t Save Our Kids

This is true and important. “As a parent, I sometimes fall into that trap of scaring my children into salvation. I mean, what Christian parent doesn’t want their children to follow Jesus? We all do, and if we’re honest we would save them if we could. But we can’t.”

Stop the Presses! Christian Teacher Goes To Teach at Christian School!

Denny Burk talks about Karen Pence and the press’s reaction to her job at a Christian school.

Flashback: There But for the Grace of God Go I

I want to model my life after a man who battles hard against every appearance and manifestation of sin. I want to model my life after a man who receives and revels in the grace of God and then exerts every effort in actively, tenaciously putting sin to death.

You are the only Bible some unbelievers will ever read. —John MacArthur