A La Carte (January 19)

The Lord be with you and bless you today.

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(Yesterday on the blog: Rest Takes Work)

The Wise Man Is In Town

“Where did we get the idea that the wisest among us dwell in seclusion in hard to reach places?” That’s a simple question and receives a great answer.

7 Reasons Guests Don’t Return

“It is encouraging to see visitors come into the church, but it can be discouraging when the vast majority seem to only be one-time visitors. Here is a list of possible reasons that may be helpful as you evaluate what is happening in your church.”

When Were Christians First Regarded as Intolerant “Haters”?

“In the midst of the high octane culture wars of the last ten years, Christians have been labelled all sorts of things: intolerant, bigoted, arrogant, narrow, dogmatic, just to name a few.” And how about “haters?” When did people first begin making that charge?

The 50 Countries Where It’s Hardest to Follow Jesus in 2023

“Sub-Saharan Africa—the epicenter of global Christianity—is now also the epicenter of violence against Christians, as Islamist extremism has spread well beyond Nigeria.” But, unsurprisingly, North Korea takes top spot.

What Does God Want Us to Continue?

Resolutions are great, but “sometimes we need to set our faces and purposes once again to continue something we’ve already started, to stay the course, to keep going.”

Should We Call God Mother?

Denny Burk carefully analyzes the argument of a new book.

Flashback: You Just Can’t Have It All

Though we know perfection is impossible, don’t we all sometimes still grow frustrated at the sheer messiness of Christian individuals and Christian churches? Don’t we all sometimes face the temptation to pack up and move on when our fellow believers act like the sinners they are?

In the Western mind, we work five days to earn the right to rest and play on the weekend. But God tells believers to start the week with rest before we work. In Scripture, rest is a gift, not a reward. —Dan Doriani