A La Carte (January 23)

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(Yesterday on the blog: Training a New Generation of African Pastors and Church Leaders)

The Problem of Having no Defined Membership

Stephen Kneale makes the case for meaningful and clearly-defined church membership by showing the consequences of having no defined membership.

Abortion Regret Isn’t a Myth, Despite New Study

“Pro-life advocates and ministry leaders are challenging the results of a new study that found that most women do not suffer emotionally after an abortion, and that over time, they are less likely to express regret.”

Make a Streets Map of Anywhere in the World

This isn’t the most significant little app you’ll ever use, but it’s still plenty neat.

The End of (Secular) Babies

Birthrates are falling, which means “if your church wants to demonstrate how dangerous and edgy it is, then it doesn’t need to placard for a cause down the main street of your city. It doesn’t have to instagram or tweet its social justice policies, or take a stand against the hard secular culture. All it has to do is be populated by large families.”

If God Can Be Trusted With Death, He Can Be Trusted With Life

Seth Lewis: “Quoting promises about Heaven will always be easier than keeping commands about Earth. Trusting God with life after death will always be easier than trusting him with life before it. Yet how could I say that I trust Jesus with forever, then turn around and ignore everything he says about my life here and now? Wouldn’t this be proof that I haven’t trusted him at all?”

20 Benefits of Being in God’s Word According to Psalm 119

“If only the world could grasp the benefits available to the soul who seeks God through His Word—willing to see it as truth, clinging to it at every turn. For the Word of God is life-changing and life-sustaining and life-giving. And it’s so much more, as the author of Psalm 119 testifies. The psalmist offers us numerous reasons to run to the comfort of Scripture and never turn away from it.”

Little Things Matter Too

You’ve probably had an experience like this at one time or another. “And then a tiny voice in my mind raised this question. ‘What if that couple shows up to church tomorrow?’ Oh. Suddenly I didn’t feel quite so heroic or witty.”

Flashback: We Don’t Sing for Fun

Singing is not prescribed for Christian worship for the purpose of fun. It actually serves a far higher purpose as a means through which we bring mutual encouragement by recounting common truths together.

I never tire of preaching Christ. His eternality, transcendence, preeminence, incarnation, hypostasis, righteousness, impeccability, obedience, holiness, sacrifice, crucifixion, humiliation, resurrection, exaltation, ascension, session, glorious reign—Christ is amazing! —Nate Pickowicz