A La Carte (January 24)

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(Yesterday on the blog: From Every Tribe and Language and People and Nation (A Video from Grace Fellowship Church))

How a Belief in Regenerate Church Membership Should Impact Preaching

Preaching, like any communication, differs according the audience. Preaching to a regenerate church membership has a significant impact.

Saving Our Children From Smartphones

“Computer scientists and psychologists have long voiced concerns that our inventions may have nefarious influence on our minds, especially during formative years. Late last year, Sean Parker, the serial tech entrepreneur and founding president of Facebook, voiced just such a concern as he “unloaded” on his former company: ‘[Social media] literally changes your relationship with society, with each other … It probably interferes with productivity in weird ways. God only knows what it’s doing to our children’s brains.'”

Is Jordan Peterson the New Messiah?

This article carries on my fascination with Jordan Peterson. “Dr Peterson has gathered quite a following through his psychological analysis of narratives and myths – especially of the Bible. His lectures, which have received over 35 million views on YouTube, demonstrate a superb mind being able to communicate the most difficult ideas in a captivating and inspirational way.”

When Christians Began Speaking of “the” Antichrist

It’s a very interesting distinction: “Antichrist” vs “the Antichrist.” “A number of academic books include an intriguing 1840 quote, and editorial insertion, about Manifest Destiny and “the” Antichrist. The quote says that Manifest Destiny and the spread of Protestantism into Catholic lands represented the ‘beginning of the downfall of [the] Antichrist, and the spread of the Savior’s power of the gospel.’ As we can see from the quote, Manifest Destiny was deeply tinged with anti-Catholicism.”

Singing in the MRI (Video)

It’s fun when technology allows us to see things from a whole new perspective. Here an MRI allows us to see what goes on in the mouth and throat when people sing in different styles.

Youth-Driven Culture

“Maybe it began earlier than the 1950s and ‘60s, but those decades seem to mark the rise of the fascination with youth in American culture. The famous line that celebrates all things young, often wrongly attributed to James Dean, declares, ‘Live fast, die young, and leave a good-looking corpse behind.'”

William Carey’s Greatest Obstacle: The Local Church

Is it possible that William Carey’s greatest obstacle was the local church?

10 Lessons from a Decade of Church Planting

“Christian culture comes in many different forms, fashions, and mediums in America, but it all has one common thing shared if we aren’t careful: a distraction from the mission and speaking to real issues of gospel conviction that people are sorting through in their daily lives. Share opinions, be passionate, have some fun, correct, rebuke, and encourage (2 Timothy 4:2), and along the way have perspective about what is real world and what is not.”

Flashback: How Much Money Am I Supposed to Give Away?

How much should I give to the church? My answer is short: Enough that it matters.

It is much harder to look down on the sin of others when you are looking up at Jesus, who took your sin on the cross. —Garrett Kell