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A La Carte (January 30)


Today’s Kindle deals include a pretty good-sized list spanning a number of authors.

Westminster Books is offering a great deal on Piercing Heaven, a book of prayers that I highly recommend. In other news, you’ve got just one day left to download your free audiobook copy of Tony Reinke’s Competing Spectacles from Christian Audio or to download your monthly freebie from Logos.

(Yesterday on the blog: Help! I’ve Fallen Behind On My Bible Readings!)

Dear Church—Don’t Overlook and Undervalue the Elderly

Josh Buice: “Some of the vocal church members are calling it age discrimination. At best, it’s one of the clearest examples of pragmatic church growth techniques of our era. In short, the leadership of the church cannot figure out how to reach their community. They’ve abandoned the sufficient Word of God and turned their back on the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Modern Feminism’s Hated Enemy: Womanhood

There are lots of valuable insights in this article from The American Conservative. “Feminism can only survive if women continue to hate the very elements of their nature that differentiate them from men. If women are excited to bring new children into the world, and even worse, if they choose to step away from their careers to raise said children, how will they ever muster enough self-loathing to force themselves to become more like men?”

Sing! The Scriptures | Aug. 31 – Sept. 2 | Nashville

I will be speaking at the Getty Music Worship Conference: Sing! The Scriptures alongside Joni Tada, John MacArthur, David Platt, Trip Lee, Bob Kauflin, and many others! Hurry – Early Bird registration ends soon. It will be three days of deep theology, timeless artistry and rich congregational worship! Join us for an in-depth look at the songs of scripture from Genesis to Revelation and Martin Luther’s emphasis on speaking, singing, preaching, praying and living out the Word. It also includes special concerts at the Grand Ole Opry & Bridgestone Arena! (Sponsored Link)

Loving Your Widow With Wise Stewardship

“I don’t want to be morbid, but the reality is that one of you is almost certainly going to outlive the other. And it’s also very possible that the surviving spouse could live a very long time. (Actuarily, the lifespan of at least one spouse in a couple is 89 years.) Therefore, since one of you may live a long time, there are things you can do now to love your future widow or widower in the future…”

Hackers Stole $13,103.91 from Me. Learn from My Mistakes.

This tech writer had a lot of money stolen from her and describes some of the mistakes she made so you can avoid making those same ones. “I’m pretty sure I know how this happened, so I’m happy (and embarrassed) to share it with you so you’ll have better internet security hygiene than I did. Here are the three things I screwed up so you don’t have to…”

Wuhan Pastor: Pray with Us

This pastor in Wuhan is expressing faith and asking for prayer. “The situation is so critical, yet [we are] trusting in the Lord’s promises, that his thoughts toward us are of peace, and not evil (Jeremiah. 29:11), and that he allows for a time of testing, not to destroy us, but to establish us. Therefore, Christians are not only to suffer with the people of this city, but we have a responsibility to pray for those in this city who are fearful, and to bring to them the peace of Christ.”

Former FBI Agent Explains How to Detect Lying & Deception (Video)

Here’s one that will be of interest to detectives and to parents of toddlers. (Content note: One of the examples they use is Bill Clinton as he infamously denies having had sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky.)

Leaving a Church Peaceably

It’s such a blessing when people leave a church peaceably, even if they have to leave for difficult reasons.

Flashback: The Key To Making the Most Out of Congregational Singing

When we open our mouths to sing, we all take on the role of teacher, of encourager. My words go to you—and your words come to me—as challenge, rebuke, edification, comfort, encouragement.

The Almighty appeared on earth as a helpless human baby, needing to be fed and changed and taught to talk like any other child. The more you think about it, the more staggering it gets. Nothing in fiction is so fantastic as this truth of the Incarnation.

—J.I. Packer

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