A La Carte (January 5)

Today’s Kindle deals include a few for Christians and a pretty long list of general market deals as well.

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(Yesterday at the blog: A brief video about Kids and Cellphones)

Cultural Myths About Truth and Love

“A witness for Christ in any age—and certainly in this present age—requires a prayer-saturated, Christ-centered, Gospel-motivated, Bible-shaped, Spirit-filled and God-glorifying commitment to ‘speak the truth in love.’ But this essential command for effective Gospel ministry to both those not yet saved and those already saved is easier said than done.” It sure is!

How Europe Built It’s Own Funeral Pyre, Then Leapt In

Here’s a review of what sounds like a very interesting book. “The defining issue of our day is mass immigration into the nations of Western heritage. This growing inflow threatens to remake those nations and overwhelm their cultural identity. This is the issue that played the largest role in getting Donald Trump elected. It drove Britain’s Brexit vote. It is roiling the European continent, mounting tensions inside the EU and driving a wedge between the elites of those nations and their general populations.”

Australia’s 3,488 Mile Long Fence (Video)

Here’s a brief video on the huge fence that keeps Australia’s dingoes at bay.

What Pastors Need to Know About Mental Health, Ministry, and Liability

“As churches become increasingly aware of the widespread and serious nature of mental illness, church leaders may wonder how they should engage mental health ministry in the church—and what legal risks they may face in doing so.” This would be wise for such leaders to read.

Book Review: When Heaven Invades Earth, by Bill Johnson

David Schrock reviews a book by Bill Johnson and uses the word “heresy” to describe it. This should be a warning about Bethel Church and its ultra-popular music! “When Trinity-eroding, Christ-denying, gospel-subverting error is published, we ought not shy away from declaring a teacher or teaching as heretical. For that reason, I must use the word heresy to speak of Bill Johnson’s book When Heaven Invades Earth: A Practical Guide to a Life of Miracles.”

I Couldn’t Call God ‘Father’

This is a neat testimony from an Iranian woman. “I used to hate the word ‘Father,’ but today I worship God the Father with great love and passion. I worship Jesus Christ as Lord, the One who has saved my soul. And I love to walk in the Spirit, who is always with me. ”

Phillip Jensen.com

Phillip Jensen has been compiling quite a number of little Q&A videos. You might find it worthwhile giving them a look.

Flashback: 5 Reasons We Eat Together as a Family

I was in sociology class when the teacher asked this: How many people here eat dinner as a family at least twice a week? Two of us put up hands—me and the only other Christian in the class.

Who knows the extent to which we would give in to sin, were we to be given a guarantee of immunity from discovery and exposure? —Sinclair Ferguson