A La Carte (January 5)

Good morning, and may the Lord be with you today.

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(Yesterday on the blog: Grief Should Always Make Us Better)

The Human Ear

Sometimes it’s good to take a deep dive into just one little part of God’s creation so we can marvel at his handiwork. Here’s a thorough look at the wonder that is the human ear.

Mindfulness, Narcissism And The Solution To Self-Centredness

Should it be any great surprise that mindfulness and meditation lead to narcissism and spiritual superiority? “Sin tends to put self on the throne, a position only Jesus should have by rights. It is why even the search for enlightenment has a tendency to become quite me-centric. It is our way to showing that we have bettered ourselves and grown beyond others.”

Sometimes, I See the Stars

You’ll enjoy this reflection from Glenna Marshall. “Sometimes, I see the stars because I need to feel small. But sometimes I see the stars to know that I am included. Sometimes, I see the stars and remember that God’s promises aren’t only for the heroes of the faith or the ones with long-lasting legacies.”

Wait For It

And you’ll be encouraged by this one from Susan Lafferty. “Over the holidays, we watch old movies together. ‘Wait for it….’ Expecting the coming punchline. Dialogue already in our heads. And on our lips. Story summoning memory. We anticipate what we’ve already seen.”

The Secret of Good vs. Better

Trevin Wax: “Paul saw the life of the believer as ultimately consisting of two options: good and better. This is the secret to his contentment. This is the secret to his passion. It gives him courage in the face of opposition. And the secret of ‘good vs. better’ challenges the American mindset today…”

What Makes The Bible Different – According To The Bible

“Like many Christians, I have a lot of Bibles. Most of them sit on my bookshelf next to all kinds of other books. However, the Bible could not be more different than those other books. Here are several reasons why, according to the Bible itself…”

3 Reasons to Use Social Media for Good This Year

Chris Martin asks us all to consider our social media usage in the year ahead. “So, for as much as 2020 was a disaster in a myriad of other ways, it was also not a great year in the world of social media. All the more reason you and I should resolve to use social media for good this year. Why? Here are three reasons…”

Flashback: The Commandment We Forgot: Honoring the Dishonorable

So how do we honor parents who have behaved dishonorably and abhorrently? This will sometimes be very difficult. This will often require us to exercise great wisdom and walk very fine lines.

Grief is not tame. Lament is not a simplistic formula. Instead, lament is the song you sing believing that one day God will answer and restore. Lament invites us to pray through our struggle with a life that is far from perfect. —Mark Vroegop