A La Carte (January 5)

May the Lord bless and keep you today.

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There’s a nice little collection of Kindle deals today, including Rod Dreher’s Live Not By Lies and Mark Vroegop’s Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy.

No False Worship of the True God

Writing about the second commandment, Bruce Ashford says, “it’s an insult to God when we have to reshape him into something else in order for us to love him.” He both illustrates and explains.

‘One Anothers’ I Can’t Find in the New Testament

Ray Ortlund comments on some of the “one another” commands the Bible doesn’t list. “The beautiful ‘one another’ commands of the New Testament are famous. But it is also striking to notice the ‘one anothers’ that do not appear there.”

That’s Not Our Biggest Problem

“I came across another notable Christian last week who was proposing, as so many do these days, that the Christian life, or faith, or whatever it is, should be boiled down to the pithy maxim ‘love God, love your neighbor.'” Anne Kennedy explains why it’s not quite so simple…

3 Ways to Use Social Media More Wisely in 2022

“Social media is at the center of our lives in more ways than we often realize, so I think it would be wise for us to examine the role of social media in our days and do what we can to use it more wisely. How might we do that? I could list a dozen ways, but here are just three, and they all revolve around one principle: intentionality.”

What We Would Be Missing If We Didn’t Have the Book of Acts

Patrick Schreiner tells how we’d be impoverished if we didn’t have the book of Acts.

21 Grams: The Weight of The Soul

This one is weird, but interesting enough from a historical perspective. “What is a soul? Can it be touched? Does it have mass? These questions tormented Duncan MacDougall, a physician from Haverhill, Massachusetts, so much that he devised an experiment to determine whether souls have physical weight. ”

Flashback: 5 Reasons We Eat Together as a Family

I was in sociology class when the teacher asked this: How many people here eat dinner as a family at least twice a week? Two of us put up hands—me and the only other Christian in the class.

To live in light of Christ’s resurrection is to be so heavenly minded that we are of immense earthly good. —Gloria Furman